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MEN’S SOCCER: Damschen with four saves against Bigfoot


After going 2-0 against Spokane in 2018, the Cardinals dropped one at home Saturday against the Bigfoot. Dorian Cornichuck beat Bigfoot goalkeeper from distance off of a free kick in the opening minutes of the game but his shot was cleared from the line by a defender before the Cardinals could pounce on it. Minutes later, Spokane tested the Cardinals, but Isaiah Damschen smothered the ball a yard from the goal line. The half ended tied 0-0.

Spokane got ahead 1-0 in the 54th minute after a Spokane midfielder stopped in his tracks to force the bump and the foul from the Cardinal defense. Spokane made the most of their free-kick, driving the ball from the left flank in the middle third to the far post to find Julian Gutierrez. Gutierrez then headed the ball back across the mouth of the goal to Brennan Murphy who volleyed it home for the lead. In the 62nd minute, the Cardinals’ Noah Dreves tried to turn with the ball in the penalty area, and again, Spokane drew a foul from unlikely contact. This time it resulted in a penalty kick for the Bigfoot. David Uribe calmly hit a firm ball into the lower-left corner. All Damschen could do for the Cardinals was guess and dive, but Uribe made it 2-0. In the end, Damschen closed with four saves for the Cardinals and Dylan Abad had two for the Bigfoot.

The Cardinals take on Treasure Valley Community College Friday, Oct. 11 at home at 3:15 p.m. for Homecoming then host Blue Mountain Community College Saturday, Oct. 12 at 2:15 p.m.

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